The Rich is Not a Four-Letter Word

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In THE CONFIDENCE GAME, longtime financial journalist and pundit Gerri Willis takes on the progressive mind-set championed by the liberal Democrats that permits bureaucrats to decide what's best for individuals, and which has resulted in more government, more bureaucracy, and more taxpayer money spent. Willis delves into Obamacare, tax initiatives, and more, to show how these approaches have worked against financially independent Americans. Then she shares advice to overcome these hurdles, explaining how readers can profit and grow their nest egg even amid assaults from Washington. Among the topics Willis tackles in the book: how the progressive agenda has robbed Americans of their financial self-confidence (a new Blackrock survey shows that 4 out of 10 Americans haven't even started saving for retirement)--and how to get it back how the wide-open spigot of loan dollars has encouraged college and university administrators to boost tuition and fees each and every year--and how we can navigate the system and stop the cycle of debt how, with a sweep of President Obama's pen, company-sponsored health-care coverage was put on deathwatch, as scores of companies abandoned employee health-care coverage and opted to pay a less expensive federal penalty why the progressive solution to the 2007 market crash and subsequent recession has acted as an albatross on the shoulders' of American corporations, keeping corporate tax rates at levels unparalleled among Western nations--and what we need to do to jumpstart jobs and the economy how the Federal Reserve's zero interest rates have robbed seniors of the returns they need to see them through their retirement years. With THE CONFIDENCE GAME, Willis delivers a fiery polemic on our personal finances, revealing how liberal public policy has decimated our wallets, and what we can do to fill them again.