The Seven Ways of Ayurveda

The Seven Ways of Ayurveda

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A guide to the Ayurvedic personality types, or doshas, with psychology-based advice on cultivating balance, from the author of The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook

At the core of Ayurveda is an understanding that we are all made of the same materials—the five elements of ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth—and how you look, think, and feel can be traced back to your unique proportion of these elements at any given time.

This is your dosha, the true essence of who you are.

Knowing your dosha is the key to deeper self-knowledge, easier relationships, and a happier future. In The Seven Ways of Ayurveda, you’ll discover which type fits you best.
  • Vata: creator, multitasker, artist
  • Pitta: perfectionist, challenger, leader
  • Kapha: peacemaker, nurturer, lover
  • Vata-Pitta: performer, innovator, first responder
  • Pitta-Kapha: guardian, moralist, observer
  • Vata-Kapha: dreamer, supporter, conversationalist
  • Tri-Dosha: proficient in all trades, well-rounded

Then, you’ll identify your innate strengths (and their “shadow sides”); whether you’re out of balance (and what to do); how your unique type approaches work, love, travel, and more; and how to forge true, mutual understanding with friends and loved ones whose doshas may differ. When you know yourself better, you can take better care of yourself—and others, too.