The Way of Nagomi

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What is nagomi? Roughly, it means balance, comfort, and calm of the heart and mind. Nagomi could be about one’s relationship with the environment, or the quality of one’s communication with other people. Nagomi may be about a well-mixed and balanced blending of materials, as in cooking. Nagomi can also be about one’s general state of mind, as when one is in harmony with oneself and the world at large. Ultimately, nagomi is a state of human consciousness characterized by a sense of ease, emotional balance, well-being, and calmness.

In The Way of Nagomi, neuroscientist Ken Mogi reveals how the good and bad facets of life—like calm and stress, or fortune and misfortune—must coexist in order to attain harmony and emotional balance. Accepting these forces is the first step toward nagomi, which enables us to: 
  • maintain happy relationships, even in disagreement
  • learn new things while staying true to ourselves
  • find peace in whatever we do
  • strike a harmonious balance and achieve calm
Combining philosophy with a practical approach, Mogi weaves nagomi through health, relationships, diet, work, and more. For example, during cherry blossom season, nagomi manifests in the celebration of beauty and impermanence that remind us of the preciousness of life.

In every challenge—whether big or small—this book helps readers find equanimity and ultimately feel at peace.