Three Black Skirts Little Black Book 2005

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Anna Johnson is the modern girl's guru. Author of the ever more popular Three Black Skirts and the hip Handbags (each with over 100,000 copies in print), Ms. Johnson is smart and sassy and knows just what to say to help young women survive. Her newest offering: the Three Black Skirts Little Black Book is a weekly organizer with attitude and finesse, a planner with the personality of a cool friend.

Each week has a roomy grid with lots of writing space and features one of the author's tongue-in-chic illustrations, plus a nugget of indispensable advice on lifestyle, fashion, or romance. The tone is smart and a bit playful; the guidance, golden: "Sunscreen is not just for summer skin. Apply eternally." "Never wear anything that makes you feel wider, shorter, or nicer than you really are." With charts (Seven Ways to Change Your Look), to-do lists, monthly themes, and more.