To Speak for the Trees

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As a child, Diana Beresford-Kroeger was taught the ways of the Celtic triad of mind, body, and soul. This included the philosophy of healing, the laws of the trees, Brehon wisdom, and the Ogham alphabet, all rooted in a vision of nature that saw trees and forests as fundamental to human survival and spirituality. Out of that holistic vision came the observations that put Beresford-Kroeger at the forefront of her field: the discovery of mother trees at the heart of a forest; the fact that trees are a living library, have a chemical language, and communicate in a quantum world; the major idea that trees heal living creatures; and that planting trees can actively regulate the atmosphere and the oceans, and even stabilize our climate. To Speak for the Trees eloquently shows that if we can understand the intricate ways in which the health and welfare of every living creature is connected to the global forest, we will still have time to mend the self-destructive activities that are leading to drastic fires, droughts, and floods.