What to Do When Your Child Isn’t Talking

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With language delays now more common than ever, this urgent resource offers evidence-based strategies tailored to each child’s development—to get them back on track and set them up for success at school and in life.

When society went into lockdown, many toddlers who had been babbling suddenly stopped. The stress, anxiety, and isolation of the past few years have increased developmental delays in our youngest children. This urgent resource addresses the phenomenon head-on with specific advice to steer children back to the language skills they’re capable of—and build the communication skills they need to thrive.
Speech and language therapist Nicola Lathey—with the help of journalist Tracey Blake—is on a mission to offer expert guidance at every turn:
  • What if your baby isn’t babbling in year one?
  • What if your toddler isn’t saying their first words in year two?
  • What if your young child isn’t talking in sentences like their peers in year three?
Parents will also learn how to make important decisions such as picking a preschool for their child, what to do about shyness or attention deficits, and how to recognize bigger issues from stammers to autism. Throughout, 50 “Small Talk Time” prompts help busy parents put the advice into practice. Activities like “Say What You See” help parents make the most of their free time and provide a great model for communication. With each chapter devoted to a language setback and solution, and with a wealth of anecdotes and case studies, this book offers practical advice—and fun games and activities—parents can use to identify and act on the key signs of language delays.
This book outfits parents to understand why their child has missed age-related milestones, what to do next, and how to steer their children back to natural development.