When a Loved One Has Dementia

When a Loved One Has Dementia

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A vital source of solace and compassion for those whose loved one has dementia, rooted in the author’s unflinching experience of caring for her mother

Eveline Helmink’s life changed forever when her mother showed signs of dementia. With her father living in denial and her mother slowly becoming unable to recognize her, Eveline was left emotionally stranded with no help on the way. There are over 16 million people in the US who, like Eveline, are not receiving the support they need as someone they’re close to battles dementia—but this book can provide a much-needed source of emotional sustenance.

Intimate and practical, When a Loved One Has Dementia is for those struggling to process their feelings and take care of their needs as they come to terms with their loved one’s illness. It helps readers tackle challenging trials, including dealing with feelings of grief, helplessness, guilt, and anger, while finding ways to not only forgive themselves but to develop a lasting sense of self-compassion.

By openly and honestly discussing her own experience, Eveline shows readers how to take care of themselves while fostering love and acceptance.