When Food Was Fun

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Do you remember a time when ice cream parlors served sundaes with names like The Avalanche, The Kitchen Sink, and Mount St. Helen's? We would order one, or sometimes all three, and eat our fill without guilt. It was a time before we cared about diets, when we ate with wild abandon. As children, we delighted in eating--and more often, overeating! Second helpings were encouraged, manners were oftentimes ignored, and appetites were lustily satisfied. When Food Was Fun celebrates pure indulgence with photographs both warm and whimsical.

A pie-eating contest, that first bite of cotton candy, the perfect hot dog, huge licks of ice cream, feeding frenzies, and table etiquette gone awry. Cherished childhood memories born of our pursuits of the perfect bite. When Food Was Fun captures these moments in classic photographs that span the last sixty years, along with lively quotes about love, friendship, and food. Collectively, these joyful pages tell a story, evoke laughter, bring comfort, and remind us to indulge every now and then.