When I Get Home

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You’ve heard Garrison Keillor and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band perform on the radio. Now you can enjoy their feel-good music on this collection.

A Prairie Home Companionlisteners are frequently treated to a song—sometimes to a familiar tune, sometimes to original music—with words by Garrison Keillor.

In them, he sings of home, love, friendship, family, faith, or just plain fun. These sixteen songs, specially recorded for this collection, are some of his best.

“I carry this solemn mug around in public to encourage strangers to mind their manners, but when I get home I am glad to make faces, quack like a duck, dance a little dance, and even sing a little. For many years now I have felt at home on the radio. These are some of the songs.”—Garrison Keillor

1. What Floats Your Boat
2. My Grandfather’s Clock
3. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
4. Homestead on the Farm
5. Everybody Knows It
6. Home on the Range 7. Boy’s Best Friend
8. Frankie and Johnny
9. What’ll I Do
10. Old Backstage
11. There Once Was a Shy Young Man
12. My Minnesota Home
13. Nearer My God to Thee
14. Only for You
15. Goodbye to My Uncles
16. Tell My Ma