Wonder Hunt

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Wonder Hunt is an invitation to an awe-filled search for 1,000 tangible items and elusive moments to notice and enjoy. The reader can actively seek out some of them, while others require a bit of luck. Scavenger items include a lost button, a lemonade stand, bubbles floating in public, a freckle constellation, tidepool creatures, shoes on an electric line, a power outage, a lullaby, a moth outside the window glass, a lost mitten, an Instagram heart from a friend, and so much more! As readers spot or experience any of these small treasures, they can use the accompanying stickers to track progress on one of the 40 themed treasure lists (spheres, fauna, cool tools, things that spin, and more). In addition, 50 short, reflective essays encourage further awakening of curiosity and mindfulness, suggesting how life is enriched by developing a playful, attentive outlook that sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.