You Were Always Mom's Favorite

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Dr. Deborah Tannen, New York Times bestselling author of the blockbuster hits You Just Don’t Understand and You’re Wearing THAT? delivers the last word on sisters.

Communications expert Dr. Deborah Tannen turns her witty and wise eye to sisters as she shares insights, anecdotes, and practical solutions to help us understand the special gifts and strains of sister relationships.

Sisters can be mirrors in which we see ourselves, yardsticks by which we measure our lives—or everything we can’t be, because she got there first. Sisters are inevitably in competition, even as they are fellow travelers on the same road. And how sisters communication—“Sisterspeak”—can be straight talk, close and supportive, or talk that keeps you in your place.

In You Were Always Mom’s Favorite, Tannen helps sisters everywhere translate “Sisterspeak” to navigate one of the most powerful and precious human relationships.