Your Baby Can Self-Feed, Too

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Feeding difficulties are very common. Between 25 and 50 percent of typically developing babies experience challenges.

When it comes to neurodiverse children, that figure rises to 80 percent. If improperly addressed, this can affect their health and wellness throughout childhood and even into adulthood. Resources for parents on feeding neurodiverse children are scarce. That’s where this book comes in.

How to Start Solids with Success is an inclusive guide to feeding children with neuro-development challenges. Feeding therapist Jill Rabin has developed a proprietary method to implement a “modified” version of the groundbreaking Baby-Led Weaning method known as MBLW, which involves
  • using “bridge devices” (e.g. silicone feeders) for transitioning to self-feeding
  • hand-to-mouth facilitation with responsive feeding
  • enforcement of autonomy and control to reduce stress on both parents and children.

The method is officially called “Modified BLW” (not to be confused with those who modify BLW by mixing in purees) and closes the gap between neurotypical and neurodiverse children.
Teaming up with Gill Rapley, one of the original founders of BLW, this book guides parents on specific techniques to address their baby’s unique needs—such as individualized support for those with muscular and neurological difficulties, food modification for those who have trouble chewing and swallowing, and alleviating food avoidance and sensitivities. By implementing MBLW, parents can set their neurodiverse babies up for success and lifelong feeding independence.